About Us

My husband, Steve and I are a floral, and event design team. Our work with flowers is our form of artistic expression. Based in the Hudson Valley, yet near enough to New York City, we find inspiration in both the calming, beauty of the Valley and the energy and vitality of the City. That is why our motto is “A little uptown, a Little Downtown, a Little All Around“. Creating fresh, hip, classic, and original designs for our clients, is a passion Steve and I share every day. Our work is always an adventure; always new and sometimes a surprise. In fact — our baby, Scarlett Lily was born in the middle of a wedding on July 4th 2008. Steve didn’t miss a beat—the flowers were lovely- -the bride was happy, the wedding was even published in Well Wed Magazine and we were thrilled with our baby girl.

Our Story

Steve and Melissa met in 1988, when he was working as a stand– in for actor Robert Downey Jr. and the same acting agent represented her. The two started dating shortly, broke up, but kept in touch as friends for years, as Steve’s work took him to Los Angeles and Chicago. A life threatening illness caused him to tell his mother, “If I live through this, I’m going to ask Melissa to marry me”. Meanwhile, according to Melissa, “Yes, Steve and I were very good friends, however, I had no idea that he had deeper feelings about me. If he would have told me how much he cared, it would have saved me from a lot of miserable relationships!” Steve and Melissa decided to meet at Melissa’s family weekend home in Stone Ridge, New York and spent the time having fun and getting to know each other again. Later after a trip to his family home in Chicago, Steve proposed.

“I decided if I could laugh this much for the rest of my life, Melissa said, this is the man I want to be with.”  Steve and Melissa were married in June 12th 2004.

Our Philosophy

When it comes to creating their unique floral art, Steve & Melissa have a definite philosophy, which includes the idea of creating harmony by letting the flowers tell them where they want to go. Steve & Melissa say they have never met a “Bridezilla” and believe that each of their clients comes to them for a reason and that they learn something new about themselves with every wedding and event they design.
Explaining their creative approach, Steve & Melissa say, “everything has logic to it: the water, and sky, the earth. We don’t dictate what the flowers do; the flowers dictate to us how to do it.”

Steve and Melissa will tell you that incorporated in their philosophy, are the idea of Wabi- Sabi, a 17th century Japanese aesthetic based on the acceptance of transience and an appreciation of beauty that is impermanent.

*Excerpted from an article in the Blue Stone Press, by Elaine Leeoutdoor floral art project


Steve, partner and co-designer, attended American Conservatory of Music studied drumming and was inspired throughout his life by rock and jazz music as well as abstract art. In his own words he got into the floral design business in the following manner, “I was acting and needed a part time job, and there was an ad in the Village Voice that said “Crew”.

I thought it was for a Rock band! So I called and it ended up being Robert Isabell, who was called “The King of Flowers” and a huge event designer at that time!”
Steve trained under him, honed his creativity and found out he had a knack for
floral design.

For more on Robert
Isabell, please read:



After working for Isabell, Steve ran his own successful business, first in New
York City, then in Los Angeles and Chicago and finally back in New York.

Melissa is a partner and co- designer. Formerly, she worked as a consultant for CSI, a public relations firm specializing in arts, entertainment, and special events. In addition, as a manager for Tony and Tina Cosmetics Bloomingdale’s New York, she supervised a full staff and handled retail promotions and special events. She was also assistant manager for Fresh at Bergdorf Goodman, New York.
She also worked in the public relations and film departments at The Museum of Modern Art and in the public education program for the New York Public Library. Former actor and model, Melissa received her BA degree in Liberal Arts at the New School University and attended the Art Students League in New York.

Steve at Jo Malone and Melissa and Steve for The New York Daily News


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