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Tiffica & Clint’s deco style wedding

Tiffica-and-Clint-color-and (755x1024) Tiffica's-bouquet-detail (1004x744) (2) (1004x744) Groom's-Boutonierre-and-Cor (755x1024) Bouquet-and-flower-girls (755x1024) Tiffica-and-Clint-portrait- (755x1024) Tiffica-and-Clint-bridal-pa (755x1024) Arch-and-arch-detail---hang (1004x744) (2) Tiffica-and-Clint-Maid-Of-H (755x1024) Tiffica-and-Clint-Ceremony- (755x1024) (755x1024) (2) Tiffica-and-Clint---the-kis (755x1024) Tiffica-and-Clint-Ceremony- (1004x744) Tiffica-and-Clint-companion (755x1024) Coctail-and-companion-piece (1004x744) White-washed-jar-cocktail-a (1004x744) Tiffica-and-Clint-wood-box- (755x1024) Cloche-and-companion-bottle (1004x744) Tiffica-and-Clint-bottles (1004x744) cotton-cocktail-and-overvie (755x1024) Tiffica-and-Clint-cocktail- (755x1024) Tiffica-and-Clint-Pie-Plate (755x1024) Tiffica and Clint pie plates detail (1004x744)It all started with the mural. Tiffica and Clint shared photos of a mural they both loved in Grand Central Station. The style and colors of this mural were art deco. We based the floral, colors and decor on the artwork. Making it a fun and unique wedding. It was a beautiful warm summer day at this Shadow Lawn wedding in High Falls, NY. Some of the floral we used were Ranunculus, Roses, herbs, Hydrangea, Succulents, Scabiosa Flowers, Stock, Dahlias,  Garden Roses and Cotton etc… For the cocktail tables we painted mason jars white, aquamarine, and peach and added peach Dahlia’s, Cotton, Hydrangea, Snap Dragon and Ranunculus. We alternated “statement” pieces on each farm table with consistent companion pieces throughout. We used scalloped mercury glass, pink and blue bottles, wood boxes, English style glass cloches and pie stands to create this retro/ deco look. These fantastic photos were taken by: Weddings By Two-http://www.weddingsbytwo.com

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