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Ning and Alex Spring Wedding

Bout-and-Bride-and-Groom Ceremony (755x1024) Ceremony-bride-to-groom (755x1024) post-ceremony (755x1024) Bride-and-Groom (755x1024) (755x1024) Ceremony-Arch-and-Wishing-T (1004x744) Registration (1004x744) Bride-and-Groom (755x1024) Recycled-half-moon-containe (755x1024) (755x1024) Recycled-containers-and-clo (1004x744) (1004x744) Recycled-Table-and-Shabby-C (755x1024) (755x1024) Chloche (1004x744) Half-moon-and-shabby-chic-w (1004x744) Long-wood-box-head-table (1004x744) Bar-arrangement-and-Rehears (755x1024)Ning and Alex’s spring wedding at Roundhouse @ Beacon Falls turned out gorgeous. We love spring flowers! For this Garden, Shabby Chic with a touch of Rustic Style, we alternated recycled plastic containers, white-washed wood boxes and English cloches. Some of the flowers we incorporated to achive this look were Garden Roses, Anemone, Ranunculus, Stock, Cherry Blossom, branch, and Peonies. Alex loves Dinosours, we added  little plastic Dinosours to each Botonierre. The following phtoos were taken by: Pat Furey Photography – http://www.patfureyphoto.com

We are thrilled to be featured on Ruffled Blog http://ruffledblog.com/roundhouse-beacon-wedding/

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